Saturday, February 23, 2008

Innertube Waterpolo anyone??

Ben and I were asked if we wanted to play on an intramural innertube waterpolo team this semester. At first, I was a little skeptical and didn't know how fun it'd be. But man are we glad we joined! It's SO much fun! We can't wait for our games and have a blast playing. It's so funny and awkward. And a total upper body work out! Ben's the star of our team. Ben's mom came down to watch our game, and got in trouble for taking pictures before she could get a shot of me...oh well :) Ben loves soccer! He has always been on an intramural soccer team. When he's done playing with his boys, then it's on to coed soccer season. And I've always been such a good little wife, going to all of his games, cheering from the sidelines...but it was my turn!! So I joined a very low division soccer team :) It's been great! Finally, I get some exercise, once a week, and go run around huffing and puffing and feeling like my heart is going to explode!! Haha, it's been really fun! And I have the best personal coach ever!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy 24!!

A little late...I know. But Ben turned 24 on February 3rd! Happy Birthday!! He got a ton of new books and has started them all at once. He's loving them. We went out to Applebee's and had a fun night.
Then Happy Valentine's Day!! I just wanted to post the cute soccer cake I made him. It is my first cake ever, well, first that I have ever frosted that is. And I think it turned out cute!! We went to eat at Guru's and he got me a cute skirt (well a coupon for one, and we're going shopping for it today!!)
P.S. We bought our tickets to Asia!!! YAY! We officially leave May 12th and come back July 3rd!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Southeast Asia...ready or not!!!

Here we come! This summer we're going to Southeast Asia! We're leaving May 12th and not coming back till the end of June. Ben is involved with a non-profit called Rising Star and they're doing some work this summer in Chennai India for some leper colonies there. They're building a hotel where the kids that are cured from leprosy can come and work and make it self-sustaining for their community. It's awesome! They'll learn English and the skills necessary to be integrated back into society. We're excited to help there for a couple of weeks! Since we were going to be helping there--we decided to make a trip out of it! (The red dots are where we're going).
Some of our main destinations include: Beijing (The Great Wall), Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Dehli (& the Taj Mahal!), Nepal (Mt. Everest!), Chennai, and Sri Lanka! We'll be going with another couple, our good friends Brian and Callie Hill from Provo--we're going to have the time of our lives!!