Friday, March 25, 2011

Photography workshops

*Revised dates*

So you made the investment in an SLR camera and still aren’t getting the shots you hoped for? Are you stuck in the automatic mode? Do the words aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure sound like a foreign language to you, but one you would like to learn to speak? This class is just for you.

Stop wasting precious memory-making moments and learn how to use that camera!!

Introducing the Camille Garrison Photography workshop!!

Spots will fill up fast so email me today!
Email me to reserve your spot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8 months

Sorry for the absence lately. With photo shoots, unpacking, family, P90X (yes, holy crap), and Claire's 4th cold in a row... we've been busy!

She's 8 months! I can't believe she's coming up on a year. So crazy how fast time goes.

{Click to enlarge}

{Thank you for the adorable tutu Emily!}

New this month:
She's about 17 pounds and long.
And a standing machine!

(BTW, this is Ben's dad's house we're living in for a while)

She got her first 2 teeth!!

Ha, good thing it's just a freaky binky!!

Claire and her cousin Tyler. I wrote about Tyler a while ago - he was born at 25 weeks at 1 pound 13 ounces. Now he's 15 months old!

She doesn't love the walker for very long because she just wants to get around on her own. She is constantly keeping me on my toes!!

She'll be walking in no time.

She's found the bidet:

Don't worry, we don't use it.

She could eat Cheerios all day long.

Big this month: She sleeps 12 hours straight at night! Rarely do I have to even get out of bed these days (only when she's super sick or has thrown her binkies out of her crib). CIO (for 20 minutes twice) changed my life. We are all well-rested and doing great!

Poor baby just doesn't know what it's like to be healthy. But yet she's still SO happy! It seems that just as she's finally getting better, she suddenly wakes up with that runny/stuffy nose and cough. This time was worse than ever though. I just hate it!

She loves to eat and we call her "hoover" because she can down anything in a matter of seconds. I can put 20 cheerios out and they'll be gone in a blink. She likes to grab handfuls and shove them in her mouth. Just like her momma! She's loving everything we're eating too these days.

Still no teeth but I ain't complainin'!

She loves to play chase and tag and tickle monster.

Holy momma's girl. She's very attached to me right now. Still fine with new/other people, but just loves to know where I am at all times.

And here is what I've been working on, her 5-8 month video. Talk about cute. These videos make me cry every time.

Life with Claire just gets better and better. We are so happy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A couple weeks ago...

My sis Anna got married! It was such a lovely day. And we're so happy for them!

Check out more Anna photos HERE.

Here's us kids all grown up. At my wedding and now Anna's:

Coolest cake ever!

We're enjoying being in Utah! Lots of cold and snow and friends and family. Just what we like. We're all settled and just keeping busy with work and photography.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


After a little break to rest our fingers, and recruit a couple new helpers, we are taking orders again at Tippy Toppers! To kick it off we're offering a free Sassy Classy!

Head on over to Tippy Toppers and check out how to enter the sweet giveaway!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Thank you Kelley for sharing this! It is EXACTLY what I needed! 

I love finding projects, ideas, and inspiration from blogs, but it is so hard keeping it all organized! I drag the photos to folders on my desktop, or save links in an email to myself. But I never seem to be able to find it again when I want them.  

Enter .... Pinterest! This is an ingenious site to organize all of your virtual inspiration boards.  If you are browsing a blog or website and see something you love, all you have to do is click "Pin It" (from your bookmarks toolbar) and it will save it to your board under the category you want and when you click on your pin later it takes you right back to the site you got it from. Watch THIS short tutorial.

Join and then follow me to see what I'm loving!