Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Yesterday we went up to Tibble to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather! {and finally get some two-year pictures of Alex} It was perfect! I also got dolled up (doesn't happen much these days) to get some of me and my baby... since I definitely don't get as many of Jace as I'd like and definitely don't get IN as many as I should.

Talk about C U T E.

Love this family of mine. Love love love them.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Soccer sass

Our days of soccer start now!  And Ben is the coach! I told him that would be his lot in life. He's perfect for it and the kids love him. 

Claire at her first game:

She actually wouldn't' play a single minute at her first game. The moment she realized they all had to go for the same ball and didn't get their own (sharing problems), she was done. It was embarrassing and frustrating. BUT we worked hard the next week at practice (and even an extra practice) with ONE ball and she made amazing improvement by the next game. Hence her intense game face: 

They've played 3 games so far and have done so great! It's not all butterfly catching and skipping, they actually play hard and are really good! We're excited she loves it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alex is TWO

My little boyfriend turns 2 today. He stole my heart the moment he was born and has been my best buddy ever since. He melts my heart with his beautiful eyes, huge heart, big curiosity, and high squeals ... Even though he has yet to say 'momma', he's as smart as they come. Alex is sweet, sensitive, and cautious. He's had a hard few months adjusting to being the middle child, but I hope he always knows how much I love my first little boy. 

Happy birthday, my Alex Benjamin!

Trying so hard to put 2 fingers up.

Oh well.

I leave him for a minute to get Claire ready for Preschool and he does this:

Makes his own little pancake cake:

He's the cutest little pill ever!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Park City

September 6-9th we had a little get-away for Alex's birthday to Park City. It was super fun. The kids had a blast. We went swimming, relaxed, did the Merry-Go-Round and Alpine Slide. 

Claire had a ball practicing what she learned in swim lessons without her floaties. She felt foxy!