Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I went in today to get my hair "fixed" by cute Krystal Rogers...and came out like this!! I love being spontaneous! When I walked in, I just wanted the bottom to be fixed and made more even, but when I saw Krystal's cute hair, I debated forever whether I should just go ahead and chop it all off now and have Ben kill me...or do it this summer and have him kill me then. I decided to get it over with.
Ben's face when I got home was priceless. I wish I had a video camera. He's only ever known me with long hair. But it's growing on him and he's gonna LOVE it! Both our families love it and it's going to be SO great for our Asia trip!!
I absolutely LOVE it and it just feels SO much better. Go short hair! And GO Krystal! If anyone needs a great stylist whom they can trust--Krystal is the girl to go to. Thanks Krystal!

Wedding & Cats

OK so there are going to be 3 posts here tonight. Right after we got back from CA, we went to one of my best friends Whittney's wedding in Salt Lake. She looked SO beautiful and it was SO fun to have all 4 of us roommates from freshman year back together with our boys! Sarah's next! :) P.S. Take a good look at my long hair...... Also, we spent last night at Ben's mom's house in Eden, and this is what the cats were doing all morning. I had to show a clip, not nearly as funny as the real thing and I didn't even get the best of it. But it was seriously CATWWF!

Before pushing play--turn the volume DOWN, all the way even, Ben's just on the phone and it really distracts from the fight:)

San Francisco!

Our trip was so awesome. So successful. So needed. First of all, a HUGE accomplishment was that we were able to get 3 of our visas for our trip, for China, Thailand, and India...which actually was a HUGE pain...but they're done! Dealing with government always has its surprises and obsticles. We stayed with my sweet aunt and uncle which was so fun. This is where Ben is going to work! It's so nice, the BART comes RIGHT up to its doors. It's the Federal Reserve Building, and he'll be upstairs! Talk about HIGH security! They have such a nice house and the CUTEST dog!! He was our little buddy--he'd sleep with us, lick Ben's hand for hours, and follow us everywhere:) We got a great idea of where we want to live! After seeing 2 houses and their prices, we quickly decided we're NOT going to be buying right now (to give you an idea, a ONE bedroom CONDO is only $400,000!!!) So we found a lot of "communities" or apartment complexes that we loved. We have it down to two places that we loves, and can afford, and now we'll just have to see if they have availability in a few months!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

See anything wrong here??

Ok, not yet. But just wait. Boys--don't even bother reading this one. Girls--feel my pain! So I decided yesterday to get my hair cut. I've been trying to get into my hair dresser from Ogden, whom I love and trust, but can't. I HATE going to someone new because I don't know if I can trust them! Ben just didn't understand, he said, "Does it really matter? It's not a big deal...I'll just do it!!" honey. Anyway, so since we're going to California and my split ends were split up to my scalp, I decided to be daring. I called around everywhere, looked in the ads, talked to people and finally decided on someone. I even said when I called, "Can you please give me the best stylist you have." So I went, got a highlight, told her I just wanted a trim, to keep my layers, but just take off an inch or so. That was all fine and dandy. It looked fine from the front! When I got out, Ben said it looked great, but the only thing on my mind was to hurry and get home and look in the mirror at the back of my hair. Worry was just flooding my mind. And THIS is what the bottom of my hair looks like now!!
You might want to click on it to make it bigger so you can see that the blonde layer on top is an actual layer that is cut STRAIGHT ACROSS. It is so uneven and bad. I can't even stand it. Next adventure--find someone who can fix it.
Oh and P.S. this cost me just a mere $75 bucks. No big deal right.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

See ya!

We leave tomorrow to check out San Francisco!! Yay for warm weather and sunshine. And for expensive housing. We're staying with my aunt and uncle who live in Pleasanton. They're going to show us around and hopefully we'll be able to narrow down an area where we want to live. And I want to get a few resumes in to some good schools. We'll be there till next Monday and then for a change in climate--we're off to tons of snow and cold! When we get back we head straight on a Kendell family trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a skiing trip for 6 days! We're just having way too much fun if you ask me:)

P.S. I just made a blog for my photography! I am doing one for CHILDREN and one for my WEDDINGS. So here's the first one: Check it out!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our "Trip of a Lifetime" Update

We've started the countdown! As the days go by, we get more and more excited for our trip to Asia! We've been planning big time with our friends Brian and Callie, trying to figure out where we're going, how we're getting there, and what we'll be doing. It'll be such an amazing experience.
Our tickets are bought, we're just taking care of our passports and visas now! We leave May 12th and we'll be traveling for fun around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand for about 3 weeks. Then we're off to India! We'll be visiting the north part of Indea, by Dehli and seeing the Taj Mahal. We're hoping the Tiger Parks won't be closed for the monsoon season when we're there, we have to see some real wild tigers!!
I have a better idea now of what exactly we'll be doing in India and what Ben and his group are involved in with the non-profit group Rising Star Outreach, an organization that originally started by giving microcredit loans to leprosy colonies in India. Ya I know, leprosy does still exist! In India lepers are shunned from society and sent to live in remote villages. There is a cure, but most are still sent to these villages.
Thanks to Rising Star, these colonies are becoming much more stable. They bought some land (17 acres) and built a boarding school in which the children are able to attend. This is where Ben and his team come in--they are creating a business plan for a hotel, which will be built on the same land as the school. The children and spouses will be trained in hotel management and the revenue will go towards the school and its expansion, so it can become self-sustaining. The Marriots have already pledged a lot of money for the hotel. If Ben's group wins the social venture competition at BYU this week, they will also win money to contribute to the project.
So the week or two that we are in Chennai, we will be trying to promote businesses to come to the hotel and do company retreats. We might also be helping out at the school. We can't wait, we are seriously blessed to have this opportunity!!