Friday, April 30, 2010

6 down, 3 to go!

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What I know now at 28 weeks:
  1. Officially in third trimester. It's going so fast! I was sooo looking forward to this week, but it feels pretty much the same.
  2. Not much is new. I thought a lot would change in 4 weeks, but not really. I bet that changes though from here on out!
  3. I have gained 21 pounds so far. My feet are feeling it.
  4. Crocs rock.
  5. My bum is bigger. I wouldn't have noticed except that yesterday I decided to try on some capri's that used to fit, hoping I could still wear them with the button and zipper undone... but I'll never know since they wouldn't even make it over the rump.
  6. My skin is getting ugly. I've noticed lots more dry spots, bumps, and red spots. Even a few on my arms = Weirdness.
  7. I have to officially roll out of bed now. Can no longer use my abs to sit straight up. If I try, Ben helps.
  8. Our little girl is shy. Either that or rude. When she's going CRAZY kicking and moving, she immediately stops the second I decide to let someone else try to feel her.It's embarrassing.
  9. I've received my share of swift kicks in the ribs. I've scared my students while tutoring from jumping and crying out when she does it. She only does it to my right ones though.
  10. She also likes to stretch. She'll stretch her feet against my ribs and push, making my stomach contort in all sorts of shapes.
  11. We get a good laugh at how funny my stomach looks when I flex it while laying down. It turns into this long triangle shaped thing.
  12. We also laugh at how it looks when I'm laughing (while laying down). I've had a few unstoppable laughing attacks lately.
  13. Sometimes when I'm trying to pass through small spaces, I still suck in thinking it will help. It doesn't.
  14. Invested in a little belly pillow for when I'm laying on my sides. Definitely a necessity.
  15. And that's about all we've invested in. We still have nothing. I just can't bring myself to buy anything yet (besides clothes.... that I can always get). I'm preparing myself (and Ben) for June after my showers, when I'll let loose and go crazy.
  16. I feel great and am still loving every minute of it!
  17. She doesn't have a name yet. We have a couple favorites, but we just can't decide.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Business Trip

So I'm back in Cali after a busy, BUSY week in Utah doing tons of photo shoots. I don't even think I saw my family more than a couple hours straight. But we did get this cute pic on Sunday for my 25 week pic:

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I did my good bud Sarah's little sister's bridals and she snapped this pic of me doing my stuff:

Sarah is due 2 weeks before me, so we had to get some belly shots:

Little Juli and Baby G are going to be best friends like their mamas.

It was so busy... I don't think my bones have ever ached like they do now:) It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. We couldn't have had better weather all week and the shots are going to be amazing. Below is a list of the ones done and the ones to come. So check back on my photo blog in the next couple of weeks and go see!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Michael Buble

Tuesday night, Ben and I went to Michael Bublé's concert in Oakland--it was AWESOME! Michael is one of my favorite singers, up there along with Josh Groban (who's concert is still #1 to me, Michael was close...but comes in at 2nd). Naturally 7 was the opening act and they were pretty dang cool (all instruments done vocally), especially the guy that could sound like an electric guitar and hit notes high enough to shatter glass.

Us before the show. And our picture was shown twice on the big screen before the concert! (Yes, and it's a nice belly shot):


Our pretty great seats:

Here's Michael's opening song:

Singing out in the crowd:

And his last song:

It was really fun, I loved it, Ben enjoyed it. Especially his rendition of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean. What a talented and funny guy.

Stay tuned for some of the funnest photo shoots ever... this week in Utah I have about 15 photo shoots in 5 days. If I make it out alive, then you'll have to check them out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Preggo my Eggo

What I know now at 24 weeks:
  1. I think I finally “look pregnant” and I’m so happy about it!
  2. I’m getting more and more limited in my abilities because of it.
  3. I LOVE MY MATERNITY PANTS. They’re so cute and comfortable! Who knew?
  4. Washing the dishes has taken a whole new meaning of the word “chore” since I can’t get as close to the sink and therefore have to strain my back to do them.
  5. When people ask how I’m doing, I say, “I feel great! Every now and then I get uncomfortable.” The reply is always, “Just wait.”
  6. I know it’s normal and hard not to look at a woman’s protruding pregnant stomach in passing, but now that I’m on the other end of the stick… I’m going to try my hardest to never do it to another woman again.
  7. My husband loves my growing belly. And I love that he loves it.
  8. I now know what heartburn is. It’s the devil. Luckily, I’ve only had it 3 times… knock on wood.
  9. When my book said, “You may find yourself dropping things, being confused, feeling cloudy and forgetful,…” they weren’t kidding. It is especially frustrating when I’m tutoring math for 6 hours a day. I can no longer do simple quick math in my head. I forget vocabulary and simple rules. I have conversations like this: “So when you have a negative exponent in the numerator…. wait, oh my gosh, that’s called an ‘exponent’ right?”
  10. This little lady inside is a strong one. Her kicks, turns, spasms, and somersaults move and shake my whole stomach. We can feel parts of her body all the time, usually her feet, legs or back. Ben’s getting so good, he can tell you on his own where she is and what she’s doing.
  11. I’m afraid she has her dad’s energy. Those of you who know Ben well are saying, “Uh oh” right along with me. I’m just hoping she gets it all out NOW, because I know I can’t handle another energizer bunny like Ben.
  12. I’ve noticed that I’m not shedding my hair anymore. Well, we’ve both noticed because there isn’t hair all over the shower wall anymore. My friend told me this is normal, and that it should all fall out after birth. Looking forward to that.
  13. It’s so fun thinking and wondering what she’s going to look and be like. Dark hair? Blonde hair? No hair? My nose? (Hope not) Ben’s eyes?
  14. I think I’m on the verge of a lot of things happening/changing: dark line down my belly, stretch marks, uncomfortable-ness, major heartburn, leg cramps, weak bladder, etc.
  15. I miss sleep. I can’t take naps and I wake up every few hours at night. Especially when 4am hits, I’m wide awake.
  16. The next time I write one of these (at 28 weeks), I’m going to be starting my 3rd and final trimester! CRAZY!!

Here's the diff:

We're off to spend a fun night in the city! Have a Happy Easter and a great Conference weekend!