Saturday, August 30, 2014


Playing catch-up on a few of the summer happenings! With having Jace, recovering, and all the family and friend activities -- this summer FLEW faster than it ever has! We had so much fun. I'm so grateful for such an amazing and speedy recovery, so that I could get out and enjoy the summer and my family. 

We love Snoasis!!

Anna came in town for a couple of weeks and we were able to throw her a baby shower. So fun to see her belly and shower them with baby love! Can't wait to meet my little niece!

Claire and her "cousin" Iylie! They had a sleepover. They are so funny together.

July 24th we got together in Salt Lake with Kraig's kids. We had a yummy picnic and then walked to the Gateway splash pad to let the kids loose. So fun!

Our anniversary weekend was spent in Salt Lake shopping at City Creek and Station Park. It was fun to only have one kid! SO easy :) 

Elder James is alive and well in Seattle. LOVE getting his upbeat and fun letters. Miss that kid. We hit his one-year mark in August and can't wait for the next 12 months to fly like the first did! 

Jacers getting his 2 month shots :(

Alex has been practicing going potty now and then. We're not actively potty training, just leaving it our and opening him up slowly to the idea.

Invited our friends to Snoasis for the last {best in the world} snow cone of the season and it down-poured on us! Memorable :) 

We love when Grandpa Tom and Tina come in town! 

We had a BBQ with some of Ben's besties from High School. Great times were had.

We spent an evening over Labor Day weekend with our friends Brandon & Karley. We "hiked" to Cecret Lake (almost) because it was freezing and raining. 

This little guy is my favorite.

Labor Day we spent the night at our friend's cabin in Oakley. We haven't laughed that hard that long for a very long time. We have the funnest friends! {most pictures from this weekend can not be shown on this blog...}

Kayaking with Alex and Claire on Pineview. 

Our friends Doug & Mariah from San Francisco came in and visited! Mariah is having baby boy any day now -- we can't wait!! 

My 10-year High School reunion was a success! It was so fun to see so many people. '04 hardcore!

So excited my cousin Aaron is getting married! He and I were best cousin's growing up -- I am so happy for him! (See more pictures here)

Preschool (year 2) open house day!

First day of Preschool at Knowledge Adventure!

So grateful for so many wonderful friends! 

I decided to do a yearly "Front Porch Picture" to see how we change in this home. We are so blessed to have found our home. The neighborhood is a slice of heaven.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I grew up camping all the time. My mom was amazing and would take the 5 of us all by herself a lot during the summer (while dad was traveling).  I have missed it so much! I've only gone a few times since marrying Ben; with traveling, working, and now having kids we just haven't gone camping as much as we would like. Some of our best friends, the Phipps, invited us to the Uintas to camp with them.  If they can do it with five kids 7 and under... we can do it :) 

 Janelle is one of my greatest examples. She is such an incredible mother. Not only does she have 5 LITTLE ones, she is always doing fun activities with them (see her activity blog here). She and David do full-on Family Home Evenings and are always teaching their kids the gospel.  I love them! 

There was a man-made fort behind our campground -- it was so awesome!! 

 Everything went really well. Only a couple of minor injuries and things we forgot at home.

Little Ed:)

The night went really well. Alex had way too much fun in the tent jumping around and being goofy. He was beyond tired and we had to put him to sleep on a little drive.  Once he was asleep, we adults got to have a little time to talk (until midnight) and then we all hit the sack.  The kids slept the whole night but I didn't sleep a wink:)  I knew it would happen... I was freezing and just worried about Jace. 

 Saturday we packed up and went to play at the lake. David went snorkeling while the rest of us just explored and relaxed.  SO beautiful!!

We definitely want to start camping more! We loved being unplugged and out in nature. So much fun. 

Uintas from Camille Garrison on Vimeo.