Friday, April 11, 2008

Love of my Life

I found this tag and I thought it would be fun to spotlight my amazing hubby. Here's to you babe!
What is your Husband's full name: Benjamin Thomas Garrison

How long have you been together: Been married for 8 1/2 months

How long did you date: 7 months

Who eats more: Definitely me.

Who said "I love you" first: Ben did. We were in his dad's pool and I made him laugh really hard and he said, "I love you" and I said playfully (cause I wanted to hear it again), "You WHAT?" and he said, "I LOVE YOU!"

Who has more speeding tickets: Oh me of course. I've had 2 tickets (both given in less than 3 days of each other--both for 20 over) and one for a little accident:)

Who is smarter: For sure Ben. Everything just comes natural to the man. It's amazing.

Who is more sensitive: Well I've gotta say, I married a pretty sensitive man. But I love it! Because he's not always so manly and tough. He's romantic and affectionate and appreciative and I'm so glad. So as for the good kind of sensitive--he's got it. As for the other kind of sensitive that we all know I'm talking about..........

Who does the laundry: I do. Definitely, but yesterday I came home and there was a shirt and a blanket in the dryer--I thought, "Wow, he did the laundry for once!" Turns out...he spilled a little too much barbecue sauce on his shirt...and our blanket:)

Who does the dishes: when there's a couple in the sink. Him when there's a whole big pile ;)

Who sleeps on the right: Me. I always choose the right.

Who pays the bills: Ben. He's so organized and efficient, I just don't want to meddle! :) Someday I know this duty will be switched to me which is fine...but as for now, go baby!

Who cooks dinner: Always always always me. For our 3 month anniversary, it was his turn to plan the evening and he actually threw some chicken, rice, and chicken noodle soup together in a really nice way! :)

Who drives when you are together: Pretty much always Ben. Unless I'm dropping him off somewhere.

Who is more stubborn: Well. I think I am. Which is a big reason I love him so much. He can let things go and say sorry and be cute...but it takes a little longer for me...

Who kissed whom first: Oh dear Ben. January 6th 2007, we met, hooked up, went on our first date, and had our first kiss! All on this blessed day!

Who asked out who first: Ben asked me out. We were racing go-karts at a Young Single Adults activity and I was so dang good and beating all the boys, he was impressed, flirted, asked for my number, and called me 2 hours later:) Man I'm good.

Who proposed: Ben did. We went on a trip with all my friends to Moab and apparently he had it all planned out with them. We went on a hike towards the last of our trip to Delicate Arch at sunset where he had everything set up in advance, got his guitar out and sand me a way cute song for me and got on his knee after and proposed! I was crying and yelled yes! And the whole crowd (there for Memorial Day Weekend) cheered and clapped and screamed! IT ROCKED!

What are his hobbies: Loving, golfing, fishing, soccer, wakeboarding, skiing, ping pong.

When did you first know you loved him:
When everything he did made me smile. When I was happier than I'd ever been and couldn't imagine my life without him.

What do you love most about him: I wish there were just one word to describe Ben Garrison. I bet everyone that knows and cares about him feels the same way. I just need to make one up, one that encompasses his optimism, his amazing attitude, how friendly and happy he is, how affectionate and appreciative and ambitious and hard working and determined and goal-oriented and organized and adventurous and loving and forgiving and patient and seriously, could go on and on and on. I married up ladies and gentleman, I am forever thankful that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to have sent me this man.

What is his best quality:
All of the above. Seriously.


The Binghams... said...

Cute!! I love you guys! keep the blogs coming..

C&C said...

so sweet! i love it. did you take those pics?

Cody & Melanie said...

That is so sweet! I love how he told you he loved you! That is so cute! And how you met, dated, and kissed all in the same day!! You go girl! Gosh you guys are such a great couple!

The Phipps: said...

Perhaps I am just having an emotional day (very possible) but this post made me cry!! Just a little bit--and maybe I shouldn't have posted that fact for the whole world to see, but I loved everything you said!