Monday, May 12, 2008

We're GONE!

See ya everyone! We are so excited we didn't sleep last night and I have an upset stomach like I would get when I was younger every Christmas Eve or before my swim meets...AH! We're so excited.

I had 7 photo shoots in the last 3 days so I was editing all day yesterday and we finally got around to packing at 9:30pm last night. But we were done at 11:30! It went really fast and we were glad we had made some organized lists.
Here are our bags! We actually had more room than we needed and just filled the space with granola bars, grocery sacks, and toilet paper. We were surprised! But we want all that space for souvenirs. We have a weeks worth of clothes and then all the other necessities for 7 weeks!
We're so excited, it's so unreal! Everyone check our blog for updates and if you want to be on the email update list, send me an email at

Love you all!!!

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Whittney Clark said...

YEAH!!! We're excited for you guys! Be safe and have FUN!!