Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coming to America!

Here we are with Mike on our overnighter to Goa:Here is a shot of typical India from our train--look at all the trash!
Well we are finally and unbelievably on our way home!! We can't believe it but we are so excited. Time flew! But then when I think about all the things we have done, it feels like we've been traveling for months. So weird.

Look at this sweet ride through Agra!
We spent a day in Agra and saw the Taj Mahal!! I have wanted to see this for a long time, but NEVER imagined I actually would. It sticks out in India like a sore thumb. It just shouldn't be there! You come out of the gates and back into the stinky, rubbish-filled poverty-stricken life of India. We went on Friday night to a secret place behind the Taj to see it at sunset--AMAZING!
These are my 2 favorite pictures:
This was so cool, we got to play a little cricket, ride a camel, and take some cool pictures from behind the Taj for free! The next morning we got up bright and early to beat the crowds at 6am! We certainly did! (It's 750 rs for foreigners to get in and only 20 rs for Indians!--wow! ~40 rs is $1). Anyway, after we saw the Taj and headed for our train back to Delhi--it POURED like a monsoon should! We have been so blessed this trip during the PEAK of monsoon season, it has never actually rained ON us, only when it has been really convenient. It's been great!

The train ride back was an absolute nightmare. We got a non-reservation ticket cause it was cheap and fast, but this means that anyone can get on. I won't even get into details right now because I don't really want to relive those 4 hours. But maybe I'll write later:)

Now we are in Bangkok on a layover, then tonight we head to Beijing for another layover, THEN we head to San Fran to get some housing situated...THEN HOME! YaY! Bring on the clean sheets, soft dry beds, cereal, hot showers from overhead, toilets, and AC!!!


Loralee said...

That picture of the camel is my absolute favorite. It sounds like your trip has been amazing!

Doug said...

It's crazy that you guys were in India just a day or two ago...and now you are sleeping on my floor...or maybe in my bed (during the day) for all I know. Anyway, hopefully I will get to see you guys before you take off back to Utah