Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monterey Bay

Our first weekend here in Dublin, my family was out to go to my cousin's wedding reception (who lives close) and to see us. It was so fun to have them here with us! (Especially since we didn't have ANYTHING for a few days). We did the reception at my Aunt and Uncle's, went to church together, watched the Olympics at their place, and then Monday we all drove down to Monterey Bay to go to the huge Aquarium they have there. It was awesome!
They had these huge frames with these jellyfish aquariums in them! Tom--you need this for your house as a wall decoration!
Then we drove out to Carmel on the "17-mile road." This is a scenic drive that wraps through Pebble Beach Golf Course and millionare mansions along the way. It was incredible! The houses were breath-taking and the golf course made Ben want to cry:) Jk.

We stopped for a while at one of the beaches and explored, found crabs and star fish.

My cute family:

Ben found some kelp:

There were hundreds of birds and all these sea lions out on the rocks barking and splashing around--it was so cool!It's not often you get to see a living being that's 250 years old. This famous tree, the Lone Cypress, was a sapling when California was a Spanish colony in the mid 18th century. And still today, there it is, standing tall. Cool huh?


Chelsie said...

those jelly fish are sweet! i love the pics...and i'm sure a drive through pebble beach would make brandon want to cry too...and if he golfed there...i would cry because of how much it cost! :-)

Sara said...

Looks like you guys are living it up in the Bay Area! Say hello to South Bay for us! I am so glad your stuff finally made it- what a PAIN!

Taylor said...

Pebble Beach would probably make me cry too.

paige and jord said...

so fun! i love seeing pictures and hearing about your adventures.. talk about world travelers, eh? :)