Friday, September 19, 2008

Belated Labor Day

My mom finally found the camera cord so she could send me the cute pictures from our trip to Newport! My wonderful Grandparent's have the time-shares with Marriott so they invited us and my family down to Newport Beach to stay for a week! It was so fun!

We started off the week at Wild Rivers water park. It was so fun! There was this one slide that was called the Blasted Bowl or something, but we called it the toilet bowl. You'd start off going STRAIGHT down a long slide so fast and it would shoot you into this big bowl and you'd go around and around until you fell through the hole in the middle into a pool. I would always hit my head really hard when it shot me into the bowl, but Ben and James went probably 40 times! They loved it!We went to magical Disneyland on Tuesday and Thursday. It was a blast. It's such a happy place!
The Tower of Terror!! I love this. We all said, "Ok everyone pretend to be sleeping when they take the picture." But I don't think my mom got the memo...
I love them!
We played Rook ALL week and haven't stopped since! We love that game! Thanks Grandma!
Funny story. We went to the Tiki Tiki room, and anyone who's been knows that you just sit in the air conditioning and the lights go dark and you listen to the birds sing! Ben was apartently really tired and fell FAST asleep. Even when everyone was getting up and leaving and the lights came back on, he was just gone. So we told everyone to leave and the workers coming in that we were going to leave him and hide for when he woke up. So everyone was gone, and he was still in the corner like this:
The worker lady went up to him and woke him up and he said, " long have I been here?" Then he walked past us to leave and we all jumped and screamed and scared him. It was SO funny!!!

It was such a fun week. We hung out on the beach, laid by the pool, swam, read, played Rook and other games, and just had so much fun together! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Johansen! We love you!

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Chelsie said...

what a fun vacation!! you guys crack me up, i love that you left ben sleeping, that is something i would do. and the picture of your mom posing while you all are sleeping is awesome! such a fun family