Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 months

{click the picture to enlarge}

18.5 pounds (20th percentile)
28 inches long  (30th percentile)

I can't believe we are at the 11 month mark. We're going to have a toddler soon... and that is so cool. She's so much fun already and I know the older she gets, the more fun we get to have with her!

New this month:
She sucks shoes, pulls cords, whistles, cuddles with mamma, says "ball," "uh oohh," and "ba bow" for bye-bye.  She LOVES her bottle and goes crazy with her arms and a fake cry when she sees me getting it ready.  

She could watch Baby Einstein McDonald without moving a muscle.

She LOVES swimming! 

Her favorite food these days (like, stuffs her face faster than you can say "pig"):
scrambled eggs, babybel cheese, turkey, toast, and apricots.
{She hasn't liked her usual black beans, grapes, and cheerios lately}

She grunts "oou" whens he sees something she likes or just to talk to us. She dances and dances a LOT.

Waves. Smiles. Laughs and giggles and squeals all day long. 

She loves to open and close doors.
She is still wearing some 6 months stuff, but mostly fitting into 9 month outfits.

She LOVE necklaces and knows how to put them on her head. When she figured this out, she now puts everything on her head. It's hilarious.

She loves to share and offers her bottles to us, bits of food, toys, anything so we can give our response, “thank you.” (Most of the time after giving it to us though, she wants it back)

She is growing up so fast. We can't believe how much she's grown and changed in just 11 months. We are excited for her 1-year mark and just cherish every single day with this stinker. 


Ryan said...

She and Owen sound so much alike! I'm bummed you guys aren't here! Only different is that Owen's jammies are 3T. :)

Love their little voices when they are saying words! My favorite is owen calling a banana a "bamama" (like mama)

Callie said...

Man, she is cute! You need to put her in modeling! Total Gap baby!