Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starting off the Fall

I need to update this more. Now that we're in Utah I feel like everyone already knows what we're up to... but then I forget about all our friends outside of Utah that look at our blog ALL the time, right?!  Right.   Between all the hard work Ben and I have been doing (4 shoots a week for me = dead), we've found some time for some fun.  Observe:

Some fun in the pool before we close it down (see slide video in previous post):

Some fun with my cousin Henry (who is 9 months old):

Peach Days in Brigham City where Ben's grandparents Nan and Pa were honored as Grand Marshals!

Peggy & Polly 0.1K run for cancer! Ben's awesome Aunt is battling breast cancer and she and a coworker had a funny little 100 meter run. It was a ball.  Aunt Peg made these "breast cupcakes." They were delish.

Cancer certainly does suck.

And our little monkey turned 14 months old, so we celebrated at the park:

She's still my little cuddle bug.

And that's it, man! Decided to go back to a 2-column blog to have bigger pictures! Yay!


Tawnya said...

What cute fun pictures!! Looks like you have had fun!

Aimee said...

Looks like you guys are having fun and Claire is getting big - every time I see your blog she looks bigger! I'm sure 4 shoots a week is keeping you super busy! BTW your blog always looks so great - we may not check it everyday but it is fun to see the updates!

Natalie N said...

P.S... you are looking so skinny, girl!