Tuesday, October 25, 2011

15 months & Powell

Weight: 19.14 lbs  (10th percentile)
Height: 30.50 inches (50th percentile)

Our sweety is 15 months! And man is she a sweety. Ben and I went to Lake Powell for 4 days with my family over the weekend and and all 4 babysitters said, "Claire is so sweet!!" She is a hugger, kisser, cuddler, smiler, flirter, dancer, twirler, everything good-er.

She still only has 2 bottom teeth. Anyone else had their kids wait this long to get teethers?

All of her words start with a "B" except "Hi Dadda" which is her universal hello to everyone. She walks down the isles at church and says, "Hi Dadda!" to every person. It's hilarious. She still doesn't say "momma."

She knows what a sheep, monkey, dog, cat, duck, chicken, and cow say.

She doesn't love walks anymore because she has to be out and walking besides us... so I guess I should say, WE don't love walks with her anymore because she doesn't stay in the stroller.

She LOVES dogs.

She is clapping, playing hide-and-seek, and climbing. Did we mention she climbs?
(minimal editing and no music. classic home video style this time)

Still takes 2 naps, eats well, loves napping and sleeps 12 hours a night.  We are so blessed to have this amazing girl as our daughter.

About a month ago, we took the boat out at Pineview for a ride.

That's me. I lasted all 10 minutes before I was exhausted and felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

A little on our Powell trip:

We love Powell and hope to be able to take Claire next time!

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Natalie N said...

Seriously?! What 15 month old kid walks back up the tall slide?!? She's unreal!

And great shots of those rocks at Lake Powell. They were gorgeous!!