Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We couldn't be more happy or excited for my little sister Raquel! She got engaged to the wonderful Brad Spencer and is getting married July 12th, 2012! 

He was so cute and set up a dinner on the top of the pool house where we are staying. He did all the decorating and planning himself, with only a little help from us:

He made this "Will You Marry Me" sign too! 

Raquel knew he had the ring and just kept waiting every day to see if he would propose.  She ruled out Tuesday evening because they had his cousin's reception to be to until late. Little did she know...

When they got back around 8:30pm, Ben and I pretended we had a "squirrel" problem in the pool house (which we ironically have had before, read HERE) and that he needed both of their help on the roof, hence the ladder being out.  So Ben yelled to them (while they were dropping off some of their things inside) that he would be up there waiting and then he ran in to join me peek out our bathroom window. He videoed while I took pictures.

Here she is with her first view of what was really going on:

She was SO surprised and just kept laughing and giggling (typical Raquel:) ) 


We love Brad and are so excited to have him in the family. We couldn't have picked a better match for her and have never seen her so happy.  

Side note on how much Claire loves Brad: She only says about 3 or 4 names: Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, and Brooke.  When she met Brad, she immediately latched on to him and started calling him, "BOBBY!!" She gets so excited when she sees him pass outside the window and loves to flirt, kiss, hug, show off, and just play with him. It is the cutest. 

July 12th, baby! YAY!

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Mindee said...

this is one the most cutest, most inventive proposals ive ever seen! congrats to your sis and her soon to be hubby!!