Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So far this summer, we have had a blast. If the weather were more consistent, we'd be out in the pool every day.  Claire is such a dare devil. With these water wings on, she'll jump off any edge, including the diving board all by herself (and do it over and over and over...).  She goes under the water, kicks and gets where she wants, and blows bubbles. 

She LOVES the water and immediately rips her clothes and diaper off when I ask if she wants to go swimming.

We also would be out at seeing the "gucks" every single day if my allergies weren't so bad this year. I don't think I've met anyone (besides my sisters) that gets allergies as bad as I do... about 30 minutes into being outdoors, my eyes start itching, my nose starts running, sneezes attack, throat itches, eyes water and swell... oh it's bad.  Especially not being able to take Claritin D (the only remedy for me).

Anyway, she loves them and asks for them every day.

She also loves her daddy. Like seriously.  It's a blessing to have him working from home because they get to play a lot and their bond is so strong. 

Tonight we went on a date night and saw Men in Black 3 (which was pretty good... and I might have bawled at the end...) and then ate at Sonora Grill (=heartburn).  We snapped these tonight for my 23 weeker.  (here I was last time at 23 weeks)

The rest of our days are spent working, watching the Playoffs (go Oklahoma and Celtics!), the Bachelorette (go Sean and Arie!), and So You Think You Can Dance; and weekly Bunko, swimming laps at Ogden High, and dates when we can.  We have a fun summer ahead! 


Tawnya said...

You look adorable. Sorry your allergies are so bad. That is terrible!

Natalie N said...

What the heck?! Would someone please tell Claire that she is just 1?!? What baby loves to jump off the diving board by herself?! She is a total animal--and cutie! :)

Sounds like you guys will have a wonderful summer!

p.s.--we're totally loving the NBA playoffs too. Go OKC!!! :)

Callie said...

Ah! You do look cute! So happy for you guys!

Lindsey said...

Claire is getting so big!!! She's darling!


Eric and Alexis Beus said...

So fun! Claire is adorable! Also, can you please come potty train my son? :) It stinks having two in diapers! Also, I love the Bachelorette too and Sean is my total favorite!! Arie is a close second.

RachelBQuist said...

Yay for Claire! She is so cute. But I don't know why you won't let me cure your allergies with my oils...