Saturday, November 3, 2012


To catch up, a couple weeks ago, we went to Black Island Farms with our besties the Phipps. We did this last year with them, so it's become a fun tradition. This year was much warmer though!  It was also Janelle's 30th birthday, so we had to celebrate (we also went out to dinner at Kobe together).

Claire and Ben had a BALL.  They went down slide after slide. I don't know how they BOTH have as much energy as they do.

With Claire being a bit older, I was really excited for Halloween this year. She didn't want to be the chicken at our family Halloween party on Sunday: 

But after some coaxing (and a sucker), she started to love it: 

Cutest little piggy ever:

We started at my Grandma's house and stayed for quite a while. Claire had fun playing with Grandpa's cane and swinging with Grandma. 

After Grandma J's, we met up with the Phipps again to go hit up some houses.  There were a lot of dark houses and we felt like not very many participated this year. Claire had a blast though, we just loved watching our little chicken walk up and get some candy.  It was a fun Halloween! 


Unknown said...

SERIOUSLY, cutest Halloween costumes EVER!

Karlee, Tyson, Erin and Rylee said...

The chicken riding the deer is hilarious! I love your farm bunch! So cute!!

shannon said...

I'm lovin the chicken costume and her riding the dear. Ha!Miss you guys!!

Molly said...

Very cute costumes! We love the themes! Claire is getting so big!

Tawnya said...

Cutest little farm family ever!

Mindee said...

your fam seriously has the cutest costumes!! claire is so adorable and how fun that you guys all dressed up!