Sunday, February 17, 2013


The end of January, we took a little trip to California to see Jon and Jaclyn, hang out with family, and drive up to San Fran to see our family and friends there.  It was a great trip!  We couldn't get over the weather! It was about 75 in Newport, AMAZING!   We went running a couple of times, walked on the beach, swam, and just relaxed! 

We took advantage of the pools.  Claire is our little fish!

The swim diapers were a little big:) 

And Alex enjoyed it, too!

We shot some family pictures since we were all (almost) together:

We celebrated Ben's birthday and Lisa graduating by going to Medieval Times. It was a fun show! 

We also got our birthday presents from Lisa, SO comfy! 

I only have this one picture from our time in San Fran. We stayed with my Uncle Alan and Aunt Christy (LOVE THEM) and saw a few of our good buddies, The Thomas clan. We only stayed 2 days because we had to get back, wish we could have stayed longer! We love that place. 

 Claire played with her friends Wyatt and his sister Mo. They were so cute! 

Here are Claire and Wyatt when we lived there:

(our hour-long stop at McDonald's in Winnemucca)

The drive home was loooong, but both kids did great.  Thanks, everyone, for a great trip! 


shannon said...

So funny how parents are soo blindly in love w/ their kid. I seriously thought Wy was the cutest baby...looking at the pix....well. i dont feel the same. ha. anyway, it was great seeing you guys. miss you!!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun! You guys travel A LOT and I'm jealous :)