Thursday, June 20, 2013

Graduation & Mission

This little boy is growing up.  

First he got his mission call.  This new age for missionaries rocks, but it also means one less year with him than we all thought!  He's basically outta here!  

Here is a little video I did of him opening his call: 

And then the next week--he graduated from Weber!  So proud of him and how well he's done.  Here we are at Rainbow Gardens celebrating: 

You'll always be little "blue-eyed, big-bellied bubba boy" to me:)  Love ya, dude.

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anna said...

oh my goodness. that video just made me bawl! I honestly had to get up for a tissue! I just love you Kendall's and you can completely feel the spirit in your home even through a video screen. James is going to be an incredible missionary, Seattle is lucky to have him.

(on another note, my Uncle Chris lives in Gig Harbor Washington in the summers, if he is ever in the Gig Harbor area, I'll have to tell Chris to look him up!)