Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Adios Summer '13

I got put in Beehives and LOVE it.  The whole Young Men/Young Women went boating up at Deer Creek and it was a blast:

James went through the temple on July 30th in Brigham City:

Garrison FHE at the Draper Temple:

24th of July fireworks in Mapleton! 

My sweet Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and also their 80th birthdays this year! So the Johansen's had a get-together at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on August 6th.  It was so fun to see everyone, pay tribute to our grandparents and hear funny memories!

 (Sorry that you look 4 feet tall Christy.. it's the best I could do with photoshop)

And this last weekend, I went to California for my cousin Nick's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend (full of lots of crazy bad luck) but I loved it. Just wish Ben and the kids could have gone! 

Ben sent this of Claire creeped out by the chickens at Grammy's:

 And last night, day before school starts, we went to the Highland fountains for FHE.  We were the only ones there--it was a bit chilly but super fun. 

This was one of the funnest summers ever!  We moved into our first home, I ran a half-marathon, Ben and I went to Costa Rica and Vegas, the kids had lots of time with sitters and Grandparents, my brother graduated and got his mission call/went through the temple, we made frequent trips to Wendy's and Snoasis, splash pads and Seven Peaks, Claire turned 3, and we made lots of new friends! ... I'm sad it's ending but so excited that Claire is starting Preschool next week! 


Tara said...

Hi Camille!

I've been following your blog for forever, but have never commented! So finally I'm writing just to say hello, and your kiddos are seriously so cute! My little girl is just nine days younger than Alex. Summer seriously went too fast this year!

Callie said...

Looks like a fun summer Camille!