Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Juan Pablo

Another bachelor in the bag.  

Not just a "bachelor contestant".... THE Bachelor.  Juan Pablito. 

I had heard about The Electric Run happening here in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point, but hadn't thought about doing it.  Until my friend Haylie posted that it was rumored Juan Pablo would be there and they would be filming it for one of his dates (currently filming for his season)... well, then I couldn't resist.  Why not have a great time and it's 5 minutes away from my house?  So I signed up and got my friend Jaymie to do it with me.  

We were so excited.  

 The energy of this run was insane!  There were hundreds of people there, and unlike Vegas when people didn't really care about Sean Lowe, EVERYONE cared about Juan Pablo here.   The MC's had us practice on the count of three being silent, because Juan and his date were coming and it was a surprise for them to be running (I bet she was thrilled).   Finally he came and everyone freaked out and they let the first group of runners go (with Juan Pablo leading the group).   Jaymie and I were the second group to go.

 We could tell that most people there were there for the experience, not to actually run because we were some of the only ones actually running.  As we were running we were talking about how he probably wasn't running it, they probably took him straight to the after party.  Almost a mile into it, I ran into my friend Alex Crabtree and as we were talking, I realized that there was a golf cart next to her and slowly things started clicking, there were a bunch of cameras on this golf cart, facing backwards, and they were shining lights onto some people... and it was... JUAN PABLO!! I freaked and said, "He's RIGHT there!"  Literally a couple feet from us.  

12-year old girls kicked in and we were all about filming him, watching him, and trying to get close to him (and on camera)

Every now and then, the cart would stop for everyone to dance and Jaymie jumped right in and danced next to him.  Haha! 

Then I jumped in next to him and ran with him!


He's lookin right at me :)  The look of love. 

The we ran behind him for a while (smelled his sweat, touched his bicep)...

Then after a mile or so, we left him because we had gotten our fill:) 

It was such an awesome run!  Ben and I will be doing it next year (with or without a bachelor there) because it was just so much fun!

The after party was crazy!  Super loud music (bringing ear plugs next time)

We waited for like 30 minutes for Juan to finally finish and get on stage. 

His date was alright, Kat Hurd.  You could tell she was a cheerleader (because of some of her hand on the hip, fist pump moves) and was trying waaay too hard, but then again--who wouldn't be? 

We watched him give her the rose--hurray. And we will be looking for our glow-in-the-dark ax and sword and maybe we'll be on tv?  Or at least the bloopers?? 

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Tawnya said...

I'll admit I don't know who that bachelor is, but the race looks amazing!