Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alex: 18 months


We can't get enough of him. He is a joy. He is always happy. He is a momma's boy. We are so attached to each other. He's my little boyfriend and he needs me. 

He is developing so much personality lately, we love watching it. He's a little flirt and he loves to make us laugh.

He still naps 10-12pm and 3-5pm. And of course-sleeps 7:30pm - 8am every night without a peep. I've been spoiled with this kid!

He waves bye bye. Doesn't say much, but we're not worried about it. He has attempted to say the word "more" once and "ball" a couple of times. Still hasn't said momma and meant it. I'm trying not to take it personal. 

He can be sensitive and really needs his naps. He still takes two: 10-12pm and 3-5pm. I have probably gotten up in the night with him 5 times since he was 3 months old. 

He has 7 teeth with 3 more on the way right now. 

He loves his daddy in the mornings and won't come to me, crying when daddy leaves to work. 

He started nursery and doesn't love it. He misses his morning nap for church (11am church) which makes him super tired and fussy by nursery time... not sure what we're going to do about this. 

He loves Claire and her friends and trying to be a big boy.  He LOVES being outside and is learning to be brave (go down slides).

I love how much he loves his blue blanket and binkies. He will lay his head right down on it, no matter where it is or what time of day it is. 

Height: 32.25" (45%)
Weight: 22 lbs 11oz (25%)
Head: 48.5 cm (80%)

Claire at 18 months
Height: 31.75" (50%)
Weight: 22.4 lbs (20%)
Head: 47cm: (60%)

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