Saturday, May 10, 2014

St. George

I've never "vacationed" in St. George before and had been itching to try it out for a few days with both the kids. Kind of as a last little trip just the 4 of us. It turned out so perfect!  We stayed at the Green Valley Sports Club in a vacation rental (way better and cheaper than a hotel).  

Monday we played at some parks and went swimming.

Amazed that the kids were actually looking at the camera in this one. It was set up by the edge of the pool on a timer.

Tuesday we went to the Temple and played on the grass:

And of course went swimming again.

Tuesday we also met up with some of our friends, the Clays and let the kids splash around:

Wednesday was my BIRTHDAY. We went to a fun breakfast at Black Bear Diner and then went to Pioneer Park to let the kids explore the rocks and sand. They loved it.


We also had a yummy birthday dinner at Red Robin and played with lots of bubbles.

Perfect trip with my besties.  They both were angels. Alex still takes a 10-12pm and 3-5pm nap which makes planning things a little tricky, but they both slept perfectly every night. Love spending time with all of them. We are so blessed and excited to add one more to the group in a few weeks! 

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