Thursday, January 1, 2015

'15 Christmas

This was a great year! Fun to have Anna & Brian in town (Ben hadn't seen them for a whole year!) and Jon and Jaclyn. Fun to have all the new babies too! Jace, Andrew, and Lydia. 

Our annual Kendell racing was pretty stellar. Competition is stiff! I continue to rock the fastest time and this year, Raquel crossed the finish line first! Way to go! 

Poor Alex was super sick this Christmas. He wasn't himself at all. Hate those colds! 

Playing Settlers while eating Dylan's... that was a first but definitely not the last!! 

These two boys! SO CUTE.

Christmas will be different next year (AKA at our OWN housE), but we've compromised since James has called the last 2 Christmas mornings from his mission and done it at my parent's. Super fun, but I love having it at our own home. 

Gingerbread houses this year! Always fun and creative. 

AND JAMES!! SO SO fun talking to him. When he's home I'll definitely miss these moments. We love this kid! Can't believe there's only 8 months left. 

It was a great Christmas.