Thursday, January 17, 2008

All in a Frame

Hey everyone!! As many of you know, Ben and I are moving to San Francisco this summer!! Probably around August, so we're trying to get a lot of advertising out there for my All in a Frame photography business. I'd really love to get several jobs lined up for this last summer I'll be in Utah (because Çalifornia weddings just won't be the same:).
If you guys have any friends, family, roommates, or anyone you know getting engaged/married in the next few months, or even in need of baby pictures, family pictures, etc, a referral would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm super affordable and provide great, fun service! I take several hundred pictures and edit all of them. They are put on a CD so that the couple can print whatever they want without paying ridiculous prices (I know we paid $500 dollars just to have the CD from our photographer!).
My website is and all my contact information is there as well.

Thanks guys! This means a lot to me!


J.R.P said...

Hey Ben and Camille,
I hope that everything is in great order in your lives. Hey about your photography business. I think that is great. I would love to receive some cards from you so that I can have them in my "preferred client book" Let me know if you can do that. I had out about 10 a week so let me know.
John Riley Piccolo or my blog at:

The Wimmer 5 said...

Ben Freakin G! What is going on? It's Ashley Strand Wimmer now. I found you through I don't know how. But you guys are darling. It sounds like you're doing well. We are in Oregon. I have 2 kids! I know, it's real. Good luck with everything coming up.

Carly said...

BEN! Hey, it's Carly Anger! As Ashley, I found you through some good old fashioned blog stalking! That sounds sort of creepy. You and your wife are totally adorable. It was fun to see what you're up to. Good luck with everything that's going on. Hope to maybe hear from you. PS...your wife seems pretty talented! :)

Tawnya said...

Camille how much do you charge for baby pictures? I have a baby now and would love to take some photos. Just let me know. Your pictures look great!!