Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holidays 2007

We had a great holiday break with all of our family and friends. And here's how it went down:

The Mozambicanos
We kicked off the break with a Christmas party with the mission buddies. The Sumans, Jones, Phipps, Warners, and Chris & Alan were there. It's always fun to get together!
The Hunsakers/McClearys
We headed up to Brigham on the 23rd to be with Ben's grandparents. His aunt Peg and Robin came, Jon, Lisa and Kraig, and Ben and me. We went to church, ate dinner, and then played a million games. It was a blast! They will all claim that I cheated...only because I dominated them all night long! :)
The Garrisons
We spent Christmas Eve with Tom & Janet, and Jon. We watched Ben and Jon's funny home videos, made sitty's famous chex mix, ate a fabulous meal from Janet, opened gifts, and went to Christmas Eve mass which was fun. We had a great time hanging out all day and especially dressing up in these crazy Santa hats! The Kendells
We spent Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning with my family. The "real" Santa still visits our house so it is fun to experience the excitement and anticipation. We made ginger bread houses...which always turns out to be a fun competition. My mom claims she won this year (her dream house she has always wanted to make, an A-frame house). Santa spoiled us , but Settlers of Cataan and a big basketball Free Throw game have been taking up all of our time lately:)

Ben and I made my family shirts with each of our nicknames on them: Dad--"The Boss Man," Mom--"VJK," me--"Meelie Moo Mah," Ben--"Ben-ha-meen," Raquel--"Smelly," Anna--"Anna Banana," James--"The Flatulator," and Brooke--"Snookie."

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