Monday, March 3, 2008

Our "Trip of a Lifetime" Update

We've started the countdown! As the days go by, we get more and more excited for our trip to Asia! We've been planning big time with our friends Brian and Callie, trying to figure out where we're going, how we're getting there, and what we'll be doing. It'll be such an amazing experience.
Our tickets are bought, we're just taking care of our passports and visas now! We leave May 12th and we'll be traveling for fun around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand for about 3 weeks. Then we're off to India! We'll be visiting the north part of Indea, by Dehli and seeing the Taj Mahal. We're hoping the Tiger Parks won't be closed for the monsoon season when we're there, we have to see some real wild tigers!!
I have a better idea now of what exactly we'll be doing in India and what Ben and his group are involved in with the non-profit group Rising Star Outreach, an organization that originally started by giving microcredit loans to leprosy colonies in India. Ya I know, leprosy does still exist! In India lepers are shunned from society and sent to live in remote villages. There is a cure, but most are still sent to these villages.
Thanks to Rising Star, these colonies are becoming much more stable. They bought some land (17 acres) and built a boarding school in which the children are able to attend. This is where Ben and his team come in--they are creating a business plan for a hotel, which will be built on the same land as the school. The children and spouses will be trained in hotel management and the revenue will go towards the school and its expansion, so it can become self-sustaining. The Marriots have already pledged a lot of money for the hotel. If Ben's group wins the social venture competition at BYU this week, they will also win money to contribute to the project.
So the week or two that we are in Chennai, we will be trying to promote businesses to come to the hotel and do company retreats. We might also be helping out at the school. We can't wait, we are seriously blessed to have this opportunity!!


C&C said...

First of all, I am so glad you guys found us!
Secondly, what you guys are doing is AWESOME! Way to go Ben for thinking of such a great idea! I am sure this experience will change you guys forever.

Steph and Brady said...

Hey Camille!
I love you blog! It sounds like you two are having fun! Your trip is going to be so amazing!

Candalyn said...
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C&C said...

ps-i love the new banner! adorable!

Reagan said...

Thanks so much! Your blog is adorable! I love it! Good luck with your trip it sounds so amazing!