Tuesday, March 11, 2008

See ya!

We leave tomorrow to check out San Francisco!! Yay for warm weather and sunshine. And for expensive housing. We're staying with my aunt and uncle who live in Pleasanton. They're going to show us around and hopefully we'll be able to narrow down an area where we want to live. And I want to get a few resumes in to some good schools. We'll be there till next Monday and then for a change in climate--we're off to tons of snow and cold! When we get back we head straight on a Kendell family trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a skiing trip for 6 days! We're just having way too much fun if you ask me:)

P.S. I just made a blog for my photography! I am doing one for CHILDREN and one for my WEDDINGS. So here's the first one: http://allinaframekids.blogspot.com/ Check it out!!


The Hills... said...

Wow, you guys are going to be gone for a while! Have so much fun in San Francisco, it's one of my favorite places! Thanks for taking care of the visas! Let's get together when you get back!

Candalyn said...

Did you really just defend BYU? I'm horrified. Did that week in Disneyland mean nothing to you? I thought we shared something special. And I thought you were an Aggie. You need to get your bottom out of Happy Valley, ASAP. Its starting to damage your brain cells, but memory loss doesn't have to be irreversible.

I'm done on April 24th, too. So BYU can't be all that special. :)

You need to teach me how to do that cool slideshow thing you have on your sidebar. I want to steal it! See you tonight!