Thursday, July 24, 2008


So we've had a great time being home, just playing with our family and friends. My parents finally got the "ok" from the inspector to start moving in to their house--finally! So we'll be moving in this weekend as well.
Tuesday night we went to the SLC Bees game with my old roommates and friends from Logan. Dave and Tammy, Eli and Whittney, newlyweds Sarah and Jeff, their families, and Allison Parker. It was way fun to be together and catch up. We went to Cafe Rio first, which we had craved all through Asia, so that was fun to indulge in. It was Jeff's birthday so we went over to their place for cake and ice cream and then Ben and I stayed the night cause I had a wedding early the next morning.

I've been doing lots and lots of pictures lately and it's so much fun. I love being such a huge part of these special days. And speaking of bees, I was doing Elyse's bridals last night up at the Utah State mental hospital and there were swarms of hornets, I got stung along with about 4 other people there. One little girl got stung 6 times! Bee stings hurt!!
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