Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

So this is pretty much my first post ever (and by 'pretty much' I mean it is absolutely my first post on our wonderful little blog here) and I'm having a hard time getting started...primarily because my first few lines weren't approved by my gorgeous wife who is astutely looking over my shoulder and assisting me :) Actually, she's reading her book The Ivy Tree and I just finished O Jerusalem. Sweet book if anyone's interested. But back to the really important stuff though--me making my first post!

Exactly one year ago from July 26th, my beautiful wife and I were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple. I am so grateful for my amazing wife and have been so blessed by our eternal union. She is perfect for me and I love her with all my heart. The following, as inspired by Doug Brewster and lovingly encouraged by my wife :) are just a few of the countless reasons why I love my Camille so deeply:

1. She is beautiful and always puts forth the effort to look pretty for me.
2. I love that she is spiritual and encourages me to grow in the gospel.
3. Camille has a contagious personality and it's so fun to spend time with my girl.
4. She is very talented. She plays the piano incredibly well and is also a fabulous photographer.
5. I appreciate that she is optimistic and happy...unless I've said something stupid (in a girl's mind anyway) ...
6. She lets me win most games we play ;)
7. She thinks my hair is sexy- Yeah baby!
8. While I don't like to shave everyday, she leads by example and shaves, on average, once a week...
9. I love that she exercises and stays fit and is good to drag me along with her.
10. She is loving, sensitive, appreciative, and thoughtful. I just love all the energy she puts out to show me she loves me.


Chelsie said...

Happy Anniversary you two! I saw your blog link on facebook. You guys are so cute and I love all the adventures you guys get to do together!

Doug said...

Hey Ben, nice job on your post...and thanks for the props. I hope that things are going well for you guys.

Meagan said...

Ben I am impressed that you made a post. THis is Meagan Jensen (Wadman). You guys look like you are so happy. congrats on your first year of marriage, it only gets better!!!!! I came across your blog and so I thought I would comment. If you want to see my blog, email me your email address to

Mariah said...

Oh, how cute! I love your post, Ben. Congrats on your anniversary. I'll be expecting to see a post from you every year... :) Haha.