Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Planet Moving and Storage

We've officially moved to California! And we couldn't be more excited. But we could be a little more happy. Our moving van came last Wednesday to pick up all our stuff, and they did a great job! We were really impressed. Multiple people at New Planet Moving and Storage told us that our stuff would be to us on Saturday morning, that it only takes 2 to 3 days. So we rushed down Friday to be there when they came Saturday morning. Well, we got here Friday night at around 7pm and the office to our apartment complex had closed early at 5:30pm, so we couldn't get our keys! We had to stay at a hotel right by our place. Pretty annoying. Then Saturday morning came and we got no call telling us they were on their way. We didn't get a call Sunday either and all their offices and supposedly "24-customer service" lines went to an answering machine. At this point we were wondering if we'd find our stuff for sale on ebay! Luckily, instead of being bored in our empty apartment with only a blow-up mattress and no extra underwear, my whole family was down with us for my cousin's wedding reception. It was really fun to have them down here and have them see our apartment and hang out. They left last night :( SO yesterday we called them all day, starting at 8am and all they would say was, "Our dispatcher is working on it, we'll get back to you" over and over. I called at 4:30pm and said, "You still haven't called us! All we want to know is where our stuff is and when it is coming!" And they said "Ma'am, we'll call you back before the 'end of the day,'" whatever that means. No call. We kept calling and just got their answering machine. I called this morning and was pretty mad and the guy said, "You'll have to wait till the dispatcher is in the office" and I said "When does he come in?" and he said, "Whenever he feels like it." Give me a break! Are you kidding me?! OH man. Never get these guys to move you. So I just barely called back and they said it's coming tomorrow and the guy will call us today to let us know what time. Oh brother. So, keep your fingers crossed for us that it actually comes. A week later. So annoying.

BUT the great news is that we LOVE our place!! It's so nice and we can't wait to get settled. The community is so great too. We'll post pictures soon. There are so many trees and we're RIGHT next to a huge nice park, and Iron Horse Trail (a 25 mile trail) runs right by our place. It's so nice, we're so glad we chose this place.

We'll keep you updated on the lame movers! :)


Amy said...

Oh man that is so frustrating! We had some of the same problems with the apartments we moved into. They approved us less than 24 hours before we were supposed to move in. Every time we talked to them they said they would call by the end of the day and they NEVER called us. I actually asked one of the ladies if their phones called out. When they let us move in I made cookies so they wouldn't hate us.

AllyPally said...

BUMMER!!! If you need anything let me know! Hey can I come visit you guys some time?? I would love too see where you live :)

Whittney Clark said...

That's terrible!!! I hope they get it to you tomorrow! When does Ben start work?