Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Weekend with our guests!

What a FUN BUSY WEEKEND!! Seriously so fun. Columbus Day was yesterday and some businesses had the day off. Including my friends, and Ben did! It was so nice.

So Sarah, my best friend from college and her husband Jeff came into town on Friday evening and we all met at Ben's work in San Francisco. We took the trolley over to Fisherman's Wharf, walked around for a while. Looking in shops and watching some street artists.
Then walked to Ghirardelli for some amazing chocolate sundays!!
We came back late that night to our place and then Saturday just slept in, hung out, went to In-N-Out for lunch, and then went to the Oakland Temple for a session. Our friends, my other best friend roommate Rachel and her husband Mark met up with us (they live down south in Santa Clara):
The temple is so pretty and unique. And it was really great to do a session together. We had a really good time!
This is the sunset from up on the temple, you can walk around up top. See San Francisco!?
After the temple, we all went out to eat at Oogie's, or something like that :) We said goodbye to Mark and Rachel:( and headed back to Dublin. Sunday--we went to church. And I got a calling! I'm the Laurel adviser in Young Womens, which I'm SUPER excited about!! I really have always known I was going to get that calling someday and I've been looking forward to it. I'm excited!

After church we did lunch, went to the park to play frisbee and soccer and play on the playground, we watched Ironman, took naps, played lots of ROOK...and just relaxed! Then the best part, Sarah and my TRADITION: We played Dr. Mario while BLASTING N'Sync Christmas! Every year that I've known her, we've done that. (And just like tradition--I ALWAYS WIN!). We would force ourselves to not break it out until November...but we just had to make an exception this year:) They left Monday morning to go finish off some sight-seeing in San Francisco. Thanks for coming guys--we seriously had so much fun and we love you!

Ben had work off too so we were able to hang out all day together. It was so nice. One of his friends from the mission Tim Hendon and his wife Stefanie were also in town! So we went in to San Francisco last night and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which was great and then walked around a bit. They were SO nice and took us all the way home so we didn't have to ride the BART and we could hang out and talk with them longer. They came to our place and chilled for a bit and then took off. It was SO good to see them too! Man, it's great to have such great friends and be able to get together now and then.
NEXT Ben's family comes in town on THURSDAY!! SO EXCITED!! They're staying till Monday so we can't wait. I wish Ben could get work off, but at least he'll have Saturday and Sunday free.

We love you all!


Sara said...

Such fun times! I so miss SF! Hopefully we'll be back soon so that we can all play again!
Um, btw, if we do move back you are taking me shopping bc I am totally coveting all your really really cute clothes!

AllyPally said...

It is so true!! You really do have super cute clothes!! Where have you been getting them? I love the pictures!! It makes me wish I had a hubby so I could come down and visit too!!! I miss you guys!

Sarah said...

Thanks a million again for having us! Way way way fun to spend time with you two crazies.

Sarah said...

PS I don't know what was going on with the controller. Geez.

Chelsie said...

mmmm ghiradelli!! i think when we went there 3 years ago, brandon just walking out and in so he could get a free sample, but that ice cream looks fabulous!!! your pics are so cute, i love the oakland temple i haven't been there since i have had been endowed but the baptismal font is gorgeous!! i saw your pic and thought, she looks so cute in her black skirt and you inspired my outfit for enrichment that night! :-)

Stefanie said...

We had so fun!! Glad we got to spend some time with you. Hope to see you again soon.

Andrew Cardon said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I can just imagine, Dr. Mario on the TV, sunshine and green parks outside, and N'Snyc Christmas music playing. We might have to visit you guys one of these days if we ever get spare time.

hilary said...

ok camille, all i kept thinking about while looking at all of your pictures was how gorgeous and TAN you are!!! are you naturally that tan?! i'm jealous, i live in sunny arizona but i'm pasty white b/c i never go outside. anyway, looks like you had alot of fun! and you are seriously beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Camille, this is McKenzie, Mikey's wife and your blog is adorable. Just wanted to say hi.

p.s. I linked your blog so I can come look at it! Hope you don't mind.