Friday, October 10, 2008

Not in Utah anymore....

'Vote for Obama' signs are on the back of every car.
NO GRID SYSTEM! Oh this is probably the one we can't stand the most. Laying a city out in a grid just makes COMPLETE sense. Laying all roads that wind here and there and even turn the opposite direction in less than a mile stretch is just stupid!
Radio stations stink here. I thought they would be good here! All there is is Spanish stations I swear. I've gone through the whole range of stations on SCAN 2 or 3 times and not found ONE station I like. So we just listen to CD's.
Motorcyclists are crazy! They don't follow the same vehicle rules they do in Utah. They are allowed to weave in and out and drive in the middle of the lane passing between people. They go to the front of the line at a stop light no matter what.
Ben got pulled over for not wearing his helmet while he road his motorcycle down the street to get me some toilet paper (and QUICK!). He didn't get a ticket though-phewf.
You'll also get a ticket if they see you talking on the phone while driving.
Smart I guess.
Instead of having dotted painted lines to mark where lanes are on the road, they have little circle bumps. It's become a game to try to dodge running over them while changing lanes.
We miss 2 gallons of milk for $5 dollars....not ONE gallon for $5.
We miss Cream O'Weber and other Utah food brands.
Our families are definitely not 10 minutes away.
The weather is consistent here. But we will miss skiing this winter...and we definitely miss the changing of the leaves.
Taxes are higher--but with it comes so much better landscaping! Freeways, roads, medians, businesses, etc, they all look great! With big trees, bright pink flowers...very cool.
In-N-Out Burger! Need I say more?
There are big nice parks EVERYWHERE. They even have "Dog Parks" where you take your dog to run around play. They have little...what do you even call them? play stations? Sundays, when we drive by it, there are probably a HUNDRED dogs there.
People say my name--"CaMEELe" instead of "CaMILLe" :)
None of our friends here have BLOGS. It must be a Utah thing.


Mariah said...

I like your list! I noticed almost all of the same things this summer. I totally laughed when I read about the radio stations b/c I agree 100% - they are absolutely terrible and I did the whole scan through all of the stations thing several times and nothing! So does it bother you that everyone says your name caMEELe? We miss you guys!

AllyPally said...

WE MISS YOU!!!! Totally think of me the next time you go to in and out burger! PROMISE ME! I liked Eagle eye, but I don't if I'm into the whole computer controlling everything kinda story! lol

Sara said...

so funny! Some of those things I really miss about CA- especially the dots in the road- I loved to try and drive on them when I could! Miss you guys!

Kendell's Crusaders said...

Utah has a In-N-Out Burger now, (except it's in St. George). We ate there today on the way out of town. Yummy! Sure wish we had one up North....

Carly said...

I would have a hard time getting used to not talking on the phone. It is a good idea- but when you're not used to getting a ticket for it, it'd be hard to get used to! That's pretty funny there are dog parks all over, too.

paige and jord said...

oooo, that fry sauce thing must be seriously rough. and i HATE driving outside of utah (actually past the point of the mountain :) people are NUTS! but hope you are loving it out there!