Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another rockin' b-day!

Happy Birthday to Lisa!

In celebration of your 52nd birthday (and because we aren't able to send stuff home), we've composed this list of 52 things we love about you for your birthday present:

1. Your enthusiasm for life
2. Your bright beautiful smile
3. Dance moves. You've got 'em! The 'pumping-hands-in-the-air-while-skipping' one, love it
4. Making us THE most amazing quilt ever for our wedding
5. Ben loves your ticklish thighs, especially during church
6. When something makes you laugh really hard
7. Your many thoughtful cards and notes
8. How willing you are to do service for us and others
9. The incredible D.I. finds
10. Your long pretty brown hair
11. How much you love to go to the temple
12. The genealogy work you're doing
13. How you share good thoughts, spiritual quotes, and things you learned with us
14. You care about our friends and are interested in them and their lives
15. That you cheer for Ben when he and Jon play ping pong
16. Your funky foxy fashion style
17. That you love bright colors
18. That each of your couches in your family room is either pink, red, yellow or blue
19. Your amazing parents and sister
20. Because you had your incredibly wonderful son Benjamin
21. That you taught him to be a very sensitive, thoughtful, and loving man
22. That the words, "foxy, wild & crazy, funky, nut, bum" are a major part of your vocabulary
23. When you cuddle up to Kraig for every prayer
24. That you share the gospel with your friends
25. The amazing food you cook
26. You're the most amazing sewer
28. All the pictures you have all over the house
29. All the pictures from home you send us
30. That you married such a great man, Kraig
31. How happy you are and how happy you make everyone around you
32. Ben loves how you always "look so cute today!" :)
33. Your knowledge regarding medical stuff because of your nursing background
34. You find the good deals
35. Your excitement for us to be in Africa
36. That you're willing to babysit your future grandkids for a couple months at a time while we travel:)
37. Your decorating, catoring, hosting, and partying skills
38. Your cute creations, the funky wreaths, old barn windows into frames, old springs of a bed into a wall decoration/pictures holder...
39. Your HUGE collection of cute old suitcases
40. That you let us each pick one to use as our temple bag
41. How organized and efficient you are (definitely passed on to Ben)
42. Ben loves the memories he has growing up
43. All that you did with the boys when they were little, fishing, crafts, etc
44. That you're willing to dress up and go disco skating with us
45. How healthy you are with your exercise and eating habits
46. How important family is to you
47. Your love of the gospel. You are one of the strongest people in the world
48. Your emergency M&Ms you carry in your purse. Man those have just saved us sometimes
49. That you've "Garrison-ized" Kraig Earl
50. That you run 5k's
51. How much you love me as your daughter-in-law
52. How much you love your two sons

We love you!

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Carly said...

Hey, Ben! (and hello to your darling wife, Camille!) It was good to hear from you. Life is good for me and Kenny. Nothing too crazy or cool. Nothing like living in South Africa! What a great opportunity for you guys. I have to admit I check in on your blog here and there. You have some awesome pictures. I'm glad to see you guys are happy. Good luck with everything. And what a nice post about your mom. She is so awesome. I sure love her! Talk to you later.