Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Love Day

Us little 3rd graders
Who would've thought??!
Ndiyakuthanda Ben!

(That means "I love you" in Zulu...pronounced "nee-i-ku-tanda")

They like to throw in a lot of random letters in the beginning. The word meaning "I'm Ok" is spelled Ngiyaphila and is pronounced "sow-pila"...weird.

I've started a "New Lingo" on the side of our blog. They're the new words we're learning that people say a lot down here. It's fun to use them!

Hope you all have a *lekker day with your friends and/or lovers!
*see side of blog for meaning


The Phipps: said...

How cute you two are! I have to say you are even cuter now. We MISS you guys.

the phipps


The Imperfect Pie said...

So it's me again; hey--when you have a second, do you want to touch up some of those pics I posted of Hazel and Charlotte? I think it will be a while before we get our pics back from Brandon and I know you could make at least one of those look pretty cute. Thanks! I really wish you were here to take pics of my girls and me.


Chelsie said...

how cute are you two!! i love the old pics! and happy belated birthday to lisa! i heart her...she's so sweet

Sarah said...

How funny.. 'lecker' in German means 'tastey' or 'yummy.' So that made me smile when I read that. :)

Jordan said...

Wow you guys really have some cool adventures! The pictures of the animals are so cool! Keep living the dream that is so awesome! I bet you guys are just loving it!

mckenzie said...

You guys are so cute! We are so jealous of you! Can we come visit please??