Thursday, May 14, 2009

You guys are lucky...

Because it's turning into

for ya'll...and it's turning into

for us. Not fair.

Good thing it doesn't snow or rain. It just gets FREEZING COLD!

P.S. Jon Garrison gets here today. We're pretty excited.
P.P.S. Our power has been out for...going on 22 hours now.


Tawnya said...

No power and winter? Sounds like no fun!

Unknown said...

So weird to think of it getting cold there...all I ever see is warm. I seriously cannot believe you have been without power for that long, I would go CRAZY!

The Imperfect Pie said...

cute blog! I love the changes you made!

Sara said...

Sorry about your power! That sucks. But um, look at those pictures! So incredible!