Monday, September 21, 2009

Tri Update

Just a quick update on the big old Triathlon! Training is going really well. I'm on week 5 and Ben is on week 4. I am half-way there--only 5 more weeks to go! I get nervous when I think about it but at the same time I just can't wait for it to get here so I can do it! We were able to go see my route this weekend (it's about 45 minutes away at Roodeplaat Dam) and I feel really good about it now. It's pretty level, which is a relief.

We also signed up for a mini-Indoor Triathlon that our gym, Virgin Active, is putting on next weekend, October 3-4th! Super excited, but we don't hear if we actually got a spot until the 29th of September, so we're just training like normal and hope we get a spot! It's a 4k run, 10k bike, and 250 meter swim all indoors.

And last thing, about the dates; mine is on October 25th and Ben is doing his on December 6th. We decided to do them separately for several reasons: 1) Ben wanted a few more weeks to train, since he hasn't been able to train as much as I have 2) We wanted to be able to watch, cheer, and take pictures of each other. If we were doing it together, we'd have no one to take pictures of us or cheer along the way! 3) Most importantly, we could only round up one bike! That's the main thing. One of Ben's coworker's husbands was going to sell his road bike and is going to let us use it! A road bike! SO much better than a mountain bike, so it should be good!

That's the update! Keep cheering us on from back home! :) We need it!


Sara said...

Wahoo! You inspired me! See our blog for details!

Mariah said...

Good job on all of the progress you are making! You are going to do so great in the tri!!!