Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 months

Some cute pics this week:

My sister Brooke took these next two:


Yes. I'm going to keep doing these journal entries to document her growing. I'm going to do them each month until she's one and then maybe once a year, and then make a big book for her. Something like that.

(idea from young house love blog)
{click pictures to enlarge}

Well, we're on our way home. We had an amazing time in Utah with family and friends and are very sad to leave. We were so blessed with Ben's work to have been able to take off so much time. We are definitely thinking of moving back permanently. It's just too much fun to be by family with Claire. We're in Tahoe for a few days with Ben's family, and Claire finally met her Uncle Jon and Aunt Jaclyn today. She loves them.

And of course, she had her second blowout on her great-grandpa!

Here's just a fun video of how strong she's getting:


The Hills... said...

We're here in Sacramento! Let's get together! Does Ben have Brian's number?

Paige said...

love the journal idea! i might be copying you. :) claire is a cutie!

Erin said...

She's so strong! I try to get Henry to do that with the boppy, but he throws himself forward with such force he always lands on his nose! PS, I am going to email you about the blog, maybe there's something you can do!

Nades said...

She is getting so big so fast!! :) Cant believe she is nearing that 3month mark already...

paige and jord said...

i cant believe how big she is getting! and cuter than ever. but what a bummer to leave utah... ( i am such a baby, i hope i never have to leave ;)

Chelsie said...

i love that you're making her a book. you guys are so cute. i also love when she tips over and you can see her cute little bald spot, oh my heavens she is adorable