Monday, November 1, 2010

She has a lot to say

The first clip is what she does when she gets tired. She starts yelling at us. The rest is just cute cooing she does all the time now. She definitely has her dad's loud voice. I love it when she decides to use it during church, I have to take her out not because she's crying, but because she's talking!
Love this pumpkin.

Here we were on Saturday at the Stake Halloween Carnival. So much fun!

Pretty awesome costumes considering we literally threw them together in a couple of hours.
Hope you had a fun Halloween!


Sammy said...

great costumes! at least you guys dressed up! so fun, claire is too cute, she cracks me up totally yelling at you! "I'm Tired!" ha ha so cute

Nades said...

She just gets cuter by the minute!!
love that loud voice! :)

Tawnya said...

They are great costumes!! Cute little family!

Whittney Clark said...

So stinkin' cute! So crazy how fast they grow up!

Harmony said...

Camille, I love the video! Alida was a lot like that when she was that age, very vocal but didn't cry a lot. She is such a cutie and you guys look like you love being parents! They grow so fast, so enjoy the time when she's little!

The Hills... said...

SOOO cute, love the video! Ben totally pulls off his costume too!

Seriously, let's get together one of these weekends. When are you free? Let us know!