Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Triple Threat

This girl is a maniac. We love how fast she's growing and learning but come on! I feel like we've been robbed a couple of months and didn't get much of a transition into the whole 'just-you-wait-they-get-into-everything' age. Triple threat = crawling + standing +... pooping. In the tub. Last night. It was awesome.

A couple of fun random clips lately. Watch her stand!

Now that she's standing herself up, she'll do it on everything, sturdy or not. It's made packing very difficult.

Oh and did I mention she's sick... AGAIN. She just got better 3 weeks ago. Frustrating. She had a fever last night, luckily went away this morning. But here we are all clogged and miserable again.

Between editing photos, being sick, packing, and constantly watching this monkey... we're pretty busy over here. Down to 12 days left before we move! We're getting so antsy and anxious.... but sad at the same time. I wish we could just take all our friends with us!

This post will be a little random. Here's a pic of us at The Olive Garden on Ben's birthday. Thanks for watching Claire, Brooke!
Also, was wondering what to do for Ben for V-day and found this cute idea from my good friend Brooke.

Okay and I LOVE Craigslist. It rocks and I've found the best stuff lately. The activity table you've seen her on standing at is originally $45 but we got it for $15! And this beautiful piano for Claire!

We've been in the city a couple times for some photo shoots and took advantage of the last times we'll be in the city. Man, we'll miss San Francisco.

Loves her pickles.

Alright. Lots to do. Peace out!


Lindsey said...

She is seriously beautiful! There is nothing worse than a sick baby, especially when you have so much to get done! That is very exciting that you get to move close to family again. We've only been away from ours for about a month and I'm already looking forward to moving back (while still enjoying our time here!). Good luck with the move!

Kourtney and Nathan said...

Cute pictures, Claire is getting so big! I love that little piano, very cute! Good luck with packing and moving!!

Alex said...

i'm excited you are moving here! so excited! youre little girl is SOO cute. i love that card valentines day gift idea. i think i'll do it. thanks!

Nades said...

Those are definitely some CUTE photos! she is growing up so fast, cannot believe it, but im sure you are enjoying every new little thing she does, despite it coming to quickly :) Miss you x

Eric and Alexis Beus said...

That is adorable! I loved watching her stand up! What a cutie! :) I'm jealous you are moving back to Utah and I can't wait til we can!

Natalie N said...

Unbelievable. I canNOT believe that teeny thing is standing up. Your little Claire is growing up in overdrive! What an animal!!

Hey--was that Olive Garden nearby or in the city? I love that place, but I didn't know there was one in our area!

By Jon and Jaclyn said...

Such a cute post! Little Miss Claire is getting so big! I loved the video, I can't believe she caught herself when she was about to fall standing at her table. She is strong! The picture of her in her blue outfit is my favorite! IT is SOOOO cute. Love you guys and hope the drive/move went well for you :)