Thursday, March 3, 2011


Thank you Kelley for sharing this! It is EXACTLY what I needed! 

I love finding projects, ideas, and inspiration from blogs, but it is so hard keeping it all organized! I drag the photos to folders on my desktop, or save links in an email to myself. But I never seem to be able to find it again when I want them.  

Enter .... Pinterest! This is an ingenious site to organize all of your virtual inspiration boards.  If you are browsing a blog or website and see something you love, all you have to do is click "Pin It" (from your bookmarks toolbar) and it will save it to your board under the category you want and when you click on your pin later it takes you right back to the site you got it from. Watch THIS short tutorial.

Join and then follow me to see what I'm loving!


Paige said...

what a great idea! i'm going to do this.

RockyLauraRiley said...

Wow, that's great! I'm going to sign up as well because I have the same problem that everything seems to be spread out all over my computer! Thanks for sharing.

hilary said...

cool beans. i have so many ideas floating around in my head pretty much constantly (some from websites, some just from me...) this would be very helpful. :)

ps - i have a lot of the same inspiration/ideas just from looking at some of your categories.