Monday, January 23, 2012

18 months

I really can't believe she's nearing TWO! She's sure grown up a lot these last 2 weeks.  She's more independent, has a mind of her own, knows what she wants... and usually gets it:)

She still doesn't say much, just lots of babble talk.  It's funny how much they learn from other kids. No matter how many times we adults tell her things, all she needed was one week with Reese to finally start saying "momma!"  Yay. Thanks Reese.

Her front two teeth are finally visable (so cute).

I also gave her her first hair cut (thank goodness... I didn't realize how good she would look without a mullet).

She's got a bad case of hives right now... yuck. Hope that goes away soon.

Height: 31.75" (50th)
Weight: 22.4 lbs (20th!)
Head: 47cm: (60th)

She is so funny at this age. We are laughing a million times a day over things she does.  She's sweet and happy (90% of the time), loves Elmo, her baby doll, monkeys, books, computers, nursery, dancing, and being outside (even when it's 30 degrees).  We are just wild about this girl and still race to be the first one to peek at her before we go to bed every night.


Mindee said...

She is such a cutie!! Love those cute teeth and smile of hers. Crazy how time fly's! My baby is nearing one years old! She looks like such a happy camper in all that snow : )

Natalie N said...

Oh she is just precious!! I love that little smile, and I love that she's having a blast in snow up to her knees. :)

Callie said...

She's such a doll! I love this age!