Monday, January 2, 2012

Happenings of 2011!

I think this is the first time in a few years that we actually stayed up until midnight. Ha. We had an eventful day and are sad that everyone is back to work and school.  What a fun Holiday!!

I did this post for 2010 and liked it so I'm doing it again.  It's a fun way to look back at all that happened this year, the good and the bad (but mostly all good):
{in order of occurrence}
We left Dublin, California and moved to Utah in February HERE

My sister Anna got married to Brian Larson on March 5th HERE.

Claire started walking at 8.5 months HERE.

I celebrated my first Mother's Day HERE
and Ben celebrated his first Father's Day HERE.

Ben and I left Claire for 2 weeks and went to Washington D.C. and Costa Rica!

I taught my first and second photography classes HERE and HERE!

Claire turned ONE!   
And our marriage turned FOUR!

We went to Oxnard, California for Claire's first time to the beach HERE.

My family went crazy and made our infamous MUSIC VIDEO.

The blessings, love, and support that have surrounded my cousin Jared's death HERE.

What a fun year we have had. We are so blessed and grateful for all that we are given.  We look forward to a new year, new beginnings, resolutions, trips, and happenings. 

Some of our resolutions include: eating healthier, exercising, visiting the temple more often, growing spiritually, daily scriptures, kneeling to pray, and doing more service for others.

(Family Temple trip 12/30/11)


Tawnya said...

Love the post, great idea to put it all together like this!

Rachel said...

I love Claire's dress and little boots! So cute. You had a busy year! I,m so glad I took your photography class it was AWESOME!

Rachel said...
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