Monday, April 22, 2013

3rd Annual Kendell Music Video

We wanted to do another video before James leaves on his mission this summer (you heard me right)... So here you go! ENJOY!! 

This is my first production on my new Adobe Premiere Pro (lots to learn, holy hannah it took me forever).

Here is our Tonight Tonight music video that you may remember :) 
and our Wishin' and Hopin' (that we did for a cousin's wedding).


Unknown said...

You have AWESOME parents and such a cool tradition! You guys will loves these forever!

bsafam said...

Man, MTV is really missing out!

ljs said...

Stop doing this to your mother.:)

Jessica Fenenbock said...

So awesome!! Does your sister live in Hawaii??

Natalie N said...

Oh my word. The girls & I watched these this morning and we were cracking up! What a beautiful family you have--from a mom in a graduation gown to siblings in Michael Jackson jackets.... you guys are incredible! Thanks for sharing!!

Molly said...


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