Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 months old {Alex}

{Here was Claire at 7 months}
I can't believe Claire was crawling at 5 months, and standing up on her own at 7 months, and walking at 8.5 months. Thank you Alex for being normal and more chill!  Makes my life easier.

Life is so great with my little family.  Serious big props to Alex for sleeping 12 hours straight the last WEEK.  And we're finally on a good predictable schedule, which is what I'm all about.

7am Wake and nurse
8am Breakfast: Half fruit baby food mixed w/oatmeal 
9am Nap 
10:30am Wake and nurse
12pm Nap
1pm Wake and nurse
2pm Lunch: Rest of the fruit baby food mixed w/oatmeal 
3pm Nap 
4 or 4:30pm Wake and nurse
5:30pm 30-minute catnap (no longer than this) 
6pm Wake 
6:30pm Dinner: A whole vegetable or meat baby food 
7:30 Nurse and bed

Look at this sweet little face:

A few weeks ago, Alex peed through his diaper so I threw him in the sink to do a quick wash.  

Before I knew it, Claire was naked and climbing up onto the counters (yes, she can get on them without a stool) because she wanted to join him. 
LOVE this picture. Hate that Alex is so out of focus (that's what you get when it is literally a split-second moment).

This was a very cute moment... until she announced she needed to potty but it was too late... so then it was upstairs to the big bath for both of them.

So... the next day, my perfectionist self wanted another pic just like this but with Alex in focus.  So I re-inacted it and here's what we got:

Nice try. But first one is better. Love that her eyes are green hazel and his are pure blue.  Anyways--more blog posts to come!

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