Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ski Day & Monkey Tail

Saturday we had an awesome ski day with our neighborhood friends at Park City. We have the best friends here!  I was a little nervous about going at 6 months preggo but my friend Laura (7 months pregnant) joined, so I felt a little better. I was mostly worried about not being able to keep up.  Here we are with our bulging bellies:

Don't mind the t-shirt. It was one I didn't care about sweating in. Plus I had to fit in with my monkey-tail bearded husband. We were quite the pair. 

It was such a great day with so much powder (which made the burning in the legs intense).  But I kept up! It was a blast! 

And yes, Ben has fun with his beard. Meet... the Monkey Tail.

We stayed up till 1am bleaching this baby. 

We also bought a VAN! Yeah, baby. To be featured at a later date.

Some fun in the park when it finally reached 40 degrees.

And my handsome, almost 18 month old baby boy:


Amy said...

Love that little Alex!!! And um the monkey tail is epic! Sooo funny! Can't wait to see the van!!! Woohoo! And OMG about 6yrs ago we went to Vegas with Sammy and Erik. We tried all of the pop from around the world and still laugh and joke about Beverly EVERY TIME we hang out! haha love it!!!! Miss you and you look darling BTW!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I work at NBC. We are featuring monkey tail beards in one of our shows. Do you give us permission to use your picture?

Ben and Camille said...

Yes, permission granted!