Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

I usually theme our outfits, but this year with new baby Jace, I didn't have the energy :) Plus I had gotten a lot of costumes last year on clearance so we had to use those. I let the kids pick what they wanted to be. 

First we did our annual Black Island Farms trip, which is always fun. This year we did it with the Radmalls. 

Claire was so excited about being a bat this year. Princess doesn't even cross her mind. 

Off to preschool with Anna (AKA Elisa).

Later that night we did the trunk or treat around the park out front of our house. We LOVE this tradition and how easy it is for the kids. 

Our favorite Andrea (Elisa's big sister)! She has been such a help this year! And the kids adore her.

Easy for me to dig out the ol' cow costume. Especially fitting when I'm nursing...

Ben and I are lame and turn out the lights at 8pm and go downstairs to watch a movie. We don't have the patience for a bunch of door and bell ringers right next to the kids' windows all night. Maybe someday!  Happy Halloween!!

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