Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jace takes Chicago

I signed up for Airwatchdog, heard of it? And one day it sent me an email telling me Frontier was having a deal to Chicago for $49 each way! SCORE! I surprised Anna for her bday gift and told her I was coming out in November. I couldn't wait to finally see where she's living, meet Lydia, and visit Chicago! 

Jace came with me and was a champ the whole time. He had had an ear infections a couple of days before we left and his eardrum burst. I was so worried about the flight but he was awesome. 

My little niece! 

We went out for deep dish pizza. WOW was it good!!

Saturday we spent the day in the city and did a river boat tour. It was the perfect way to see the city. VERY COLD. But we loved it!!


Had to get a couple of family pictures while I was there of course:) Cute cute cute!

Ben's aunt lives literally 5 minutes from Anna (small world!) so we were able to visit with Gina and cousin Sheridan. Jace loved her:) 

After church blow out. All the way around. Lovely.

It was so cute to see them together. We love Lydia!! Such a great trip. Thanks so much to Anna and Brian for being awesome hosts and being so fun. I love you guys!! 

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