Wednesday, March 19, 2008

San Francisco!

Our trip was so awesome. So successful. So needed. First of all, a HUGE accomplishment was that we were able to get 3 of our visas for our trip, for China, Thailand, and India...which actually was a HUGE pain...but they're done! Dealing with government always has its surprises and obsticles. We stayed with my sweet aunt and uncle which was so fun. This is where Ben is going to work! It's so nice, the BART comes RIGHT up to its doors. It's the Federal Reserve Building, and he'll be upstairs! Talk about HIGH security! They have such a nice house and the CUTEST dog!! He was our little buddy--he'd sleep with us, lick Ben's hand for hours, and follow us everywhere:) We got a great idea of where we want to live! After seeing 2 houses and their prices, we quickly decided we're NOT going to be buying right now (to give you an idea, a ONE bedroom CONDO is only $400,000!!!) So we found a lot of "communities" or apartment complexes that we loved. We have it down to two places that we loves, and can afford, and now we'll just have to see if they have availability in a few months!

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The Hills... said...

We just got our visas in the mail today! Thank you SO, SO much for taking care of those! What a huge relief! It seems so much more official now that we're going!

Glad you had fun in San Francisco. I can't believe a condo costs $400,000! That is ridiculous! It makes you wonder how people can afford to live there!