Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lesson #1: Carry an Umbrella

{PART 3}
Living in a foreign country brings many adventures, annoying circumstances, blessings, inconveniences, and lessons learned. It really is just an adjustment period and takes some learning and getting used to. So I think I will start a little lesson book (because I know I will have enough of them...I could probably be on #5 already if I thought back).

Today Ben wanted me to get a few errands done while he was at work so that we could just celebrate and play when he got home. He drove the car for work so I was just going to walk to the mall, since it is just 3 blocks away. Beautiful bright sunshiny day. I decided to get cute today, being his birthday and all: did my hair straight (since it's curly, this takes a while), put on more makeup than usual, got in one of Ben's favorite outfits, new fresh underwear etc...

I walk to the mall to get our cell phone stuff taken care of (another lesson in and of itself. Customer Service just IS NONEXISTENT in other countries. Seriously. I'm telling this guy what I need, I'm in the MIDDLE of a sentence and the phone rings and it doesn't even finish its first ring before he picks it up and spends about 3 minutes with someone else. I was so annoyed. Anyway, I won't get into the rest). Then I go across the street to the US Embassy because we need more pages in our passports for Visas...there is a VERY long wait so I bag it.

SO I start walking home. Let me preface by saying that Ben and I have both noticed that everyone here walks around carrying umbrellas. Everywhere. And I told Ben it's weird because it's summer and doesn't rain a lot (nights mostly) and sometimes there's not a cloud in the sky! Well....now I know why. I was 2 blocks from our home when I'm not kidding, the heavens opened up like they never have before (ok so they really have...especially in Asia, a lot, but luckily we were never CAUGHT in it).

I walked to the mall. And SWAM BACK!

People were laughing while they ran by with their umbrellas, cars honked, the sky roared. I started laughing my head off while I was running because it was just unbelievable. When I got in to our place, the ladies at the front desk (our buds) saw me and their jaws dropped. They laughed their heads off and took pictures.

'Fell into a pool' wet. Awesome. Hair makeup everything...melted.

Ok so that's my funny story today.

We've got to get an umbrella.


Whittney Clark said...

Ha ha ha! I wish I could be there and run through the rain with you! Oh and I loved the "new fresh underwear" comment. . . Miss you girly!

Oh and the movie is still in theaters but it's an independent film so you might have to look hard for it. It's amazing!

Andrew Cardon said...

Hahaha that is really funny. That sounds like a lot of rain. When we lived in Utah we had no idea what rain really is - every now and then it will rain really hard here and after 2 minutes outside you look you you had a bucket of water dumped on your head. It stinks though that it happened after you had gotten all dressed up. Hope you guys are liking Africa - keep posting the amazing pictures.

Aimee Cardon said...

"New fresh underwear?" Sigh...Camille, this is like, a daily thing, not a dressing up thing!